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The Introduction
of the HRD


Welcome to the Oceans and Fisheries HRD Institute.

I Would like to express my sincere welcome and thanks for your visiting this website.

As you know, the ocean, which covers 71% of the Earth's surface, is a very important source of life and a repository of resources.

Oceans and Fisheries Human Resources Development Institute is a national HRD institute nurturing creative and devotional expertises who are responsible for 「the realization of people's dream and happiness through the sea」.

The Institute's all members and staffs would do their best efforts to provide best education environments and services to policy makers and related agencies for their building a more prosperous maritime nation which includes expanding Korea's economic might across the five seas and six continents, exploring information and communications technology and cutting-edge equipment, creating a driving forces to ensure future growth based on marine technology and designing quality marine spaces centered on the well-being and healing of citizens.

The Institute will take the initiative in leading a happy and affluent life by the benefit of the sea not only for our own generation but also for our descendant.

Thank you!

President of Oceans and Fisheries HRD Institute